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5 Steps to a Better Retirement

You know you don’t have to take your pension income from the provider you save with? We all are looking for a better retirement- to make sure you get one, it’s usually a good idea to consider your options and ‘shop around’. That’s where My Pension Expert can help.

Planning your pension can be a complex business. That’s why My Pension Expert divides the process into five easy to understand steps.

Step 1 to a better retirement

The first step is to chat with one of our Retirement Technicians. They are there to talk you through your retirement options A to D, put in the numbers and answer any initial factual questions you may have. 

Step 2

The next step involves our qualified Independent Financial Advisers. Unlike the retirement technicians they are able to give advice on the merits of the different pension solutions, so they can recommend the best one for you. Unlike many at-retirement providers, My Pension Expert looks at the whole of market to get the best rates among the many offers available. 

Step 3

The pension process is packed with paperwork. What if the small print of your policies contained disadvantages, like exit fees or lock-in clauses? As part of our advised service, it’s the mission of My Pension Expert to make sure you don’t lose any benefits when switching from one pension provider to another. That’s the role of our experienced Compliance Experts

Step 4

By now you’ll be aware of the depth of knowledge in our Compliance and Administration teams—but it doesn’t stop there. The time it takes to move your money between providers can be the longest part of the process, so in Step 4 our experts apply their expertise to making it as trouble-free as possible. Thanks to your Letter of Authority, they can handle a great deal of this work without needing to bother you.

Step 5

You’re done! Your funds have been released, and you can start enjoying your Third Age and a better retirement. So why is there a Step 5? It’s so you can tell us what you think. We thrive on your feedback, and much of our business comes from the people you recommend to us.

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