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John's Case Study- Flexi-Access Drawdown.

John is 56 and has several pension funds and a good amount of savings. With this fund of £100,000, John opts to first take his full allowance of tax free cash, £25,000, as he wants to pay off his mortgage. He doesn’t require an income today as he is still working and given that he is comfortable with risk and…

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Phillip and Sue's Case Study- Fixed Term Annuity

Philip is 65, lives with his spouse Sue who is also 65, and has £100,000 in his pension fund to buy an annuity. He’d like to compare Option B with Option C. A Lifetime Annuity – our Option B – would be fixed for the rest of his life, based on his personal circumstances today. Let’s see what would happen…

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Robert's Case Study- A Lifetime Annuity

Robert is 65, with a fund size of £100,000. He’s a fit and healthy accountant living in Doncaster, and his current annuity income is £3,899 per year. Let’s see what would happen if his circumstances were different. See how much extra income he may gain? * *Based on £100k and taking the 25% Tax Free Cash of £25,000. Not including…

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Don & Gillian’s Case Study- Invested Annuity

Don and Gillian are a married couple, both aged 57, with a fund size of £100,000 in Don’s name. After advice, their best option is to buy an Invested Annuity with 50% Spouse Benefit. How does their income differ with and without taking the maximum tax-free cash sum of £25,000? * * Based on £100k and taking the 25% Tax…

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