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Why ask if I smoke?

Smoking significantly increases the amount annuity providers will pay if you have been a smoker for the past 10 years and smoke at least 10 cigarettes per day

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Why ask about my height and weight?

If you are classed as 'overweight', annuity companies will pay a higher income to people with health problems, one of which is being overweight.

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Health and Lifestyle Help


How to get higher income for your lifestyle


Due to the way in which annuity rates are calculated, past or present serious illnesses such as cancer, heart problems, stroke or many other illnesses mean that you could be entitled to 114.5% more income from your pension than you previously thought.


More than 40% of our clients are likely to qualify for an enhanced income in retirement, which could mean an increase of 114.5% for the most serious cases.


Our comprehensive review process means that all factors including lifestyle and health conditions are reviewed to ensure you achieve the most possible income based on your personal circumstances.


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